ERP Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

ERP Trends to Watch Out For In 2021

The current times are observing a rapid evolvement in technology. Companies and enterprises in the market are constantly upgrading their software to streamline their processes of the company and strengthen their employees’ expertise.

However, some of the enterprises use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions and it is also important to keep ERP systems up to date to keep the enterprises’ pace with the latest advancements in technology.

2021 will be giving us some advances in the field of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), some of them are as follows:

Cloud-based ERP Systems

The cloud-based ERP systems are likely to be in the mainstream in the upcoming years. Firstly, the ERP solutions were too expensive for small businesses and many small enterprises because it was only offered as on-premise solutions.

Cloud computing has made it much accessible to small businesses and users as vendors are offering cloud-hosted solutions and this has resulted in low-cost systems maintenance and upgrades.

SaaS ERP solutions are making their roots into the market with the increase in the adoption of cloud-based models. However, companies and enterprises have also realized the limitations of the cloud-based ERP solutions in terms of inflexibility, cost scaling, and also the lack of innovation.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Integration

Artificial intelligence is becoming common as an additional plugin in the ERP systems for performance enhancement and new ERP solutions are coming with these functionalities built into the system.

These AI (Artificial Intelligence) features of the ERP system are also known as iERP, which enables companies and enterprises to automate their business with intelligent data processing methods.

iERP systems are very much of help in extracting and collecting the data as well as analyzing the data. They can reduce the errors, decrease the information loading time, and create workflows and many more things.

These systems modifications can analyze historical data and combine it with the current data from other departments. It will make you accessible with accurate risk assessment and forecasting using the data.

Mobile Apps Adoption

The mobile application or mobile support is among the basic functionality of modern ERP systems. This mobile approach can easily provide on the go access to data and also many benefits like performing business tasks anytime from anywhere. It will make both front end and back end activities available to you through the devices like smartphones or tablets, etc.

Mobile applications have given the support that has led to a more accurate and convenient data capture process. Employees can add in and edit any data from the field without any hesitance to return to the workplace to enter the data.

The mobility is helping in reducing the delay of production by providing a better platform of communication.

Powerful Analytics

The major functionalities of the ERP systems are to collect the data and organizing the data. But they do not have much grip on the analysis function of the data. In present days ERP systems are coming with inbuilt powerful data analytics features because companies are giving priority to the ability of the system to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately.

ERP users can see more robust analytics and reporting abilities in the upcoming years.

IoT (Internet of Things) Integration

IoT and ERP if combined can create a range of possibilities in the developed system. These possibilities can also be accessed without any involvement of humans.

These both combined can make companies gather, analyze, and process a vast amount of data through sensors and other functions. This will enable businesses to gain real-time insights and manage production processes.

The new era ERP systems are rapidly evolving and changing the aspect of doing business in the market. These advanced technologies put into the ERP system will grow the market and change the picture of doing the business.


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