The Undeniable Benefits of Using Enterprise Managed Network Services

Benefits of Enterprise Managed Network Services

Traditional businesses are undergoing a seismic shift in the face of the latest innovations and technology trends. This changing landscape is creating many benefits for businesses across the world. One such change is enterprise-managed network services.

What are enterprise-managed network services?

Enterprise-managed network services consist of physical and virtual networks provided by a third-party for managing the infrastructure and software of an organization. Everything, from providing and managing hardware such as routers, servers, and switches, to installing and managing software such as operating systems, applications, and firewalls, and providing security for network infrastructure and the data is provided by the third-party for the smooth functioning of an organization.

Let’s now take a look at some of the top benefits of enterprise managed network services.

Benefits of Enterprise Managed Network Services

Keeps the Operating Costs of Entire IT Network under Control

The implementation of enterprise-managed network services reduces maintenance, operational, hardware, software, service, and infrastructure costs for businesses. A recent survey found that 46% of organizations that switch to enterprise-managed network services have reduced their annual IT spending by at least 25%.

When the operating costs take the form of fixed cost expense, they become predictable and can be better managed by the organizations. There are many other reasons why enterprise managed network services help lower the costs:

  • Less need for physical hardware onsite
  • No upgradation costs are involved
  • No ongoing maintenance labor costs
  • No need for initial and ongoing training
  • No need for technology upgrades

Increased Business Efficiency

Enterprise-managed network services companies free up enterprises so that they can focus entirely on their primary business goals. The network services providers combine high-performance network availability with increased speed and flexibility, making business operations smoother and more efficient.

Proactive Network Maintenance and Issue Prevention

Companies that provide and manage network services have the infrastructure to carry out proactive and preventative maintenance checks to detect the issues on time and prevent them before they become problematic.

With the continuous monitoring services provided by network services companies, issues can be easily prevented, which helps companies save a lot of money. For example, Maxxis Network Monitor is a complete WAN management system on which notifications can be configured to prevent system-halting issues before they interrupt daily business operations.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Enterprise-managed network services companies monitor the network non-stop so that any possible threat and unexpected events can be detected quickly and patches and upgrades can be applied. This enhanced security keeps all the data, transactions, and business-critical applications safe and secure. [Also Read: Top reasons to invest in enterprise security.]

An example of a highly secure network services solution is MaxxSecure.

Data Backup

Data backup is very important for business, but sometimes the IT teams may not be able to execute it well due to the lack of time and resources. With the help of Enterprise-managed network services, your data is always backed up and accessible to you whenever you need it.

Enables a High Level of Network Availability

For voice and data access, businesses require a high level of network availability. Civic services, especially emergency, hospital, police, fire, and rescue services, demand high-network availability at all times. For this reason, it is good to take the services of a managed network services provider that can guarantee a high-level network availability for a reliable and stable communication system.

Improved response and resolution

The response and resolution times for addressing network issues are also quick in enterprise-managed network services that leave organizations feeling confident that their operations will never be interrupted.

Enhanced Performance and Increased Productivity

As the enterprise-managed network services enable effective monitoring, preventing network issues and downtime, the employees can perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively, resulting in the organization’s increased overall productivity.

The benefits of enterprise managed network services are several and simple to attain. All you need to do is to partner with a reliable managed network service provider that understands your organization’s needs and the goals you wish to achieve using enterprise-managed network services.